Suspecting Academic Misconduct

What steps do I need to take if I suspect a student of Academic Misconduct?

The first step you can take is to remind yourself that many students face crises and still make responsible decisions – no matter the circumstances, academic misconduct is unacceptable. Students making poor choices typically need help, whether this help is educational (e.g., understanding why their actions violate the Honor Code, how to correct their mistakes going forward) and/or professional (e.g., mental health, substance abuse services).  It is critical to report suspected misconduct so that it can be investigated and the student can be referred for the help needed. In addition, if a student demonstrates a future pattern of misconduct but the first incident was not reported, the university is limited in the actions it can take to both help the student and maintain the integrity of the educational mission.

Fortunately, the Dean of Students Office (DSO) has a standard process for managing suspected violations of the Honor Code. (Refer to .) You will fill out an incident form at the link above, and the DSO will manage the situation from there. In order to complete the form, you should first collect any documentation you have (e.g., copies of papers, turnitin results, names of witnesses to the incident, e-mails, etc) to support the allegation. Please note that there is a different form to fill out if there is an issue of student conduct rather than academics.  You will find that form at the DSO site as well