Dealing with an Accusation of Misconduct

What happens if a faculty member accuses me of academic misconduct?

The Dean of Students Office (DSO) has a standard process for managing suspected violations of the Honor Code. (Refer to If a faculty member or their teaching assistant suspects that you have violated the Student Honor Code, they will fill out an incident form (found within the link above) and the DSO will manage the situation from there. The faculty member will provide as much information as possible on that form.  Once the DSO reviews the form, they will contact you (the DSO refers to this as a charge letter). They will inform you of the suspected violation(s), the process, and your rights during that process.  You will have the opportunity to respond to the suspected violation(s).  Once a decision has been made regarding the allegation, you will receive a letter with the outcome.  If you are found responsible, the consequences will depend on the situation and whether the violation is a first offense.

What are the possible consequences, if I am found responsible for violating the student honor code?

To determine the appropriate consequences for any individual student’s situation, UF considers multiple factors, such as whether the violation is a first offense and what the student’s knowledge and motivations are regarding the misconduct. Sanctions can range from educational and ethics seminars to grade and course penalties to suspension and dismissal depending upon the severity of the circumstances. For example, a grade penalty and an educational seminar are common consequences for a first, and hopefully only, cheating offense.